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As you know, our values and the underpinning of our democracy are on the line — and our future depends on fighting back smartly, and with cutting edge technology.

Nationwide, we're supporting 50+ grass roots groups with Volunteer Engagement software, where we're fighting voter disenfranchisement by registering voters through text messages and digital ads.

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Open Progress is a 501c(4) not-for-profit started to make the world more just by minimizing the influence of money in government and politics. Working in close partnership with volunteer groups, ballot initiatives, and issue campaigns, Open Progress enables modern ways of reaching people: on-point social media, human-to-human texting, and volunteer- to-opportunity matching. Applying pragmatic approaches means reducing the costs to build an engaged audience, and reduces the heavy dependence on raising money, resulting in digital coalitions that inspire people at the local and district level to act in real life.