What Is Text Troop?


The Open Progress Text Troop is a diverse community of committed volunteers from across the country who are engaging in issue-focused conversations with voters via person-to-person text messages. We encourage citizens across the country, whether english or spanish-speaking, to register to vote. We also help them find their polling locations. Our volunteers are trained by the best in order to create rich conversations with   a better informed electorate. And we want YOU to join us!

Think you don’t have time? Even just 2 hours a week will allow you reach 1000 people. Don’t Despair. TEXT!

Text Troop calendar

How to Join Text Troop

All of our work happens online; you won’t use your personal cell phone number. All you need is a computer and access to WiFi. Getting started with the Open Progress Text Troop is a simple process. Click the “I Volunteer” button to register for our Text Troop Slack Channel.

What is Slack? Slack is a powerful instant messaging platform that allows our volunteers to collaborate and communicate in real time. It’s free to download and, once installed, you’ll be directed by our volunteer leaders to training. Need more tips? Check out this video tutorial to get started.



Meet Our Community of Resisters

I love volunteering with Open Progress because I’m proud of the excellence to which they are committed. No other campaign work I do feels as effective, or as fun! And the folks I volunteer with feel like the “elite troops” of the Resistance. Smart, committed, and beyond hard working. It’s amazing.
— Jess, Text Troop Leader
Of all the groups running text banks, I love texting with Open Progress the most because they have the best training and support. After texting with Open Progress I knew I could drop into any campaign run by any other organization and know that I could kill it. And, as a bonus, Open Progress is just a great online community of texters and moderators.
— Calvin, Text Troop Leader
Open Progress allows me to have a direct and meaningful impact on progressive elections nationwide, and to take part in exciting initiatives like making sure underrepresented people get registered to vote and in compliance with strict voter laws in their states. Instead of sitting around in utter despair, I am actively working on solutions, thanks to Open Progress.
— Ellyn, Text Troop Leader