I love volunteering with Open Progress because I’m proud of the excellence to which they are committed. No other campaign work I do feels as effective, or as fun! And the folks I volunteer with feel like the “elite troops” of the Resistance. Smart, committed, and beyond hard working. It’s amazing.
— Jess, Text Troop Leader
Open Progress allows me to have a direct and meaningful impact on progressive elections nationwide, and to take part in exciting initiatives like making sure underrepresented people get registered to vote and in compliance with strict voter laws in their states. Instead of sitting around in utter despair, I am actively working on solutions, thanks to Open Progress.
— Ellyn, Text Troop Leader
Texting for OP allows me to feel productive and help awesome candidates getting elected from the comfort of my living room! It’s a great way to learn about voter concerns from around the country and actually listen to them. The OP leader team is kind and very encouraging. Try it and you’ll like it!
— Pedro, Text Troop Leader