Our Mission


End Big Money. Open Progress.

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What is Open Progress?

The Open Progress 501(c)4 mission is to make the world more just by minimizing the influence of money in government and politics. While our vision is idealistic, our approach is pragmatic.

What is Opro by Open Progress?

Open Progress created Opro LLC to bring change the Progressive digital agency landscape because democracy won’t survive business as usual. It’s time for a change.

A Digital First Approach

In 2018, outreaching to voters is more difficult and expensive than ever. With the additional rise of voter suppression laws making it difficult to vote, fighting for democratic and progressive values has never been more important. We cut out the clutter of traditional communications such as direct mail, robocalls, and TV ads which are both expensive and, data show, minimally effective and instead harness modern ways of reaching people. We are advocates for on-point social media strategy, human-to-human texting, and volunteer- to-opportunity matching. We are passionate about demystifying and empowering our candidates and campaign managers with the power of social media strategy. By building better and transparent digital coalitions, campaigns can focus on the message and inspire voters, not just donors.