November 21, New York, NY - Open Progress is applying its winning techniques and technology to the upcoming December 12th Special Election for the US Senate in Alabama.

Undoing the damage for a 25-year voter in Alabama

Undoing the damage for a 25-year voter in Alabama

“December 12th is a crucial moment for Alabama,” said Elizabeth Haynes, Co-founder of Open Progress. “The actions by the Secretary of State’s office have led to thousands of Alabama voters being marked ‘inactive’ when, in fact, they vote - and vote regularly.  No voter regardless of political party should feel singled out or intimidated by unnecessary paperwork at the polls on Election Day.  But, these ‘inactive’ voters will.  We want to fix this for these voters now, before the November 27 registration deadline.  It’s urgent that all voters who wish to vote can and can do so without fear on December 12.”

Supporting voter registration is a top priority of Open Progress, which seeks to minimize the influence of money in government and politics. Expanding the electorate and helping all voters vote is a key plank of how Open Progress believes the corrupting power of money can be offset in the United States.

Open Progress and a team of 800+ volunteers are donating their time and energy to reach out via text message to all voters marked inactive so that their registration information can be updated and their status changed to active prior to the December 12th special election. All of the funding behind Open Progress’ Alabama outreach program is donated, with the average donation being $25.

Open Progress knows the power of person-to-person texting, as volunteers in the Open Progress and OPro LLC Text Troop sent over 1.2 million text messages in support of 51 Virginia House of Delegates candidates as well as Mark Herring for Attorney General this year.

Donations in support of our Alabama Voter Registration campaign can be made here

About Open Progress

Open Progress is a 501c(4) not-for-profit started to make the world more just by minimizing the influence of money in government and politics. Working in close partnership with volunteer groups, ballot initiatives, and issue campaigns, Open Progress enables modern ways of reaching people: on-point social media, human-to-human texting, and volunteer- to-opportunity matching. Applying pragmatic approaches means reducing the costs to build an engaged audience, and reduces the heavy dependence on raising money, resulting in digital coalitions that inspire people at the local and district level to act in real life.

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