What is Open Progress' mission?

To end the hold of big money on our government - reaching one citizen at a time.

We imagine a world where our leaders are honorable and authentic. Where government is beholden to regular people, not only to the super rich. We believe that every citizen's voice should be heard, and counted.

“New Voting Restrictions in America" |   Brennan Center for Justice  , 1 Aug 2019.

“New Voting Restrictions in America" | Brennan Center for Justice, 1 Aug 2019.


Voter suppression laws are purposefully complicated and sophisticated. This puts vulnerable communities at risk of not having their voices heard. Our goal is to outsmart these laws designed to encumber and confuse many Americans who have the right to vote.

We first find those affected, and then create a rich, detailed, and scripted conversation flow that helps them fight back against those who are trying to silence their voices - no matter how byzantine the state laws, no matter what ID is required.

When our voices are heard, true democracy thrives. With states enacting strict voter ID laws, limited registration periods, and automatic “inactive” statuses that all create roadblocks to a free and fair electorate a call to action is clear.