WHY Opro by Open Progress?

1:1 Digital outreach is a powerful equalizer.  It shouldn't just be for candidates that come from traditional power and privilege. Business as usual has left thousands of wonderful candidates without the tools to succeed.

Open Progress created OPro by Open Progress LLC to serve the needs of candidates that traditional agencies serve poorly.

We have no interest in hoarding our knowledge -- Our goal is to empower great progressive candidates and campaigns with a strong digital vocabulary, sophisticated methods, and exceptional data.

“8 years later: How Citizens United changed campaign finance" |   Center for Responsive Politics  , 02 February 2018.

“8 years later: How Citizens United changed campaign finance" | Center for Responsive Politics, 02 February 2018.


It's time for change


Presidential races that cost $1 billion. Emails that scream $1 TRIPLE MATCH TODAY! TV ads that run constantly. Direct mail that goes straight to the trash. The money and time directed at campaigns is being misspent due to graft and an addiction to failed methods.



“Social Media Use in 2018" |   Pew Research  , 01 March 2018.

“Social Media Use in 2018" | Pew Research, 01 March 2018.

OPro cuts the clutter of traditional communications like direct mail, robocalls, and TV ads. All of these methods are expensive and, data show, minimally effective. Instead, we utilize modern, efficient, and effective ways of reaching people. These include on-point social media strategies, human-to-human texting campaigns, and exceptional volunteer recruitment and utilization techniques. We’re passionate about both demystifying social media strategies and empowering our candidates and campaign managers with them. By building better and more transparent digital coalitions, campaigns can focus on getting their message out to voters, not just chasing donors.


Meeting voters where they are

“Americans and Text Messaging" |   Pew Research  , 01 March 2018.

“Americans and Text Messaging" | Pew Research, 01 March 2018.

When it comes to texting, we believe that real conversations are what change hearts and minds. By engaging in direct discussions, committing to finding answers when we don’t have them, and really taking time to listen, our texters are given the ability to create real change. With efficient and precise data collection, moreover, we allow for future gains for our campaigns. What we learn about voters isn’t left on the cutting room floor, but stored for use in the next election. Our 2,000-member (and growing!) Text Troop gives you the means to reach more people than knocking on doors or calling phones ever could. Not only do we create new human connections, we make sure they’re for keeps.