🚨Help Fight Voter Suppression Today🚨

We get it.  Not everyone is in a position to volunteer. If you are able, please consider supporting our thousands of volunteers who will reach millions of their fellow citizens this year.

Our donors believe that Open Progress' focus on expanding the electorate through personal digital outreach is the path to real, lasting change in 2018 and beyond. 

Please Note: contributions are specifically for 501c(4) activities to fight voter suppression, and are not for candidate outreach. 


The plan is:

  • Focus on key states starting with Florida, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, and Michigan.
  • Get started now to register new voters and outsmart noxious voter suppression laws in every one of these states.

  • Target critical constituencies including young people ages 18-25, Hispanics, and African-Americans.

  • Partner with other groups such as Mi Familia Vota for the greatest impact as our work is most successful when we work together, not as lone wolves.

Help us achieve our goals of registering thousands of new voters and ensuring it’s easier to vote for thousands more, thereby laying the foundation to build a transformed (and transformative!) electorate in these critical states.

💙💚 Every dollar you give today matters. 💙💚

Thank you! 

The Open Progress team


We live our values as a not for profit 501c(4). Your contributions and gifts to Open Progress make an enormous difference, but are not tax deductible.


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