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    • Interview: TAKING ACTION: Behind the voter registration text message campaigns (by WHNT News 19)

    • Facebook: Congratulation Conor Lamb (by Open Progress)

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  • TAKING ACTION: Behind the voter registration text message campaigns | WHNT News 19
    If you didn't receive that postcard, if your family member threw it in the trash and didn't know how important it was, then you may be marked inactive. That includes voters in Alabama who have been voting for years and years"

  • Secretary of state says some voters wrongly told they are not registered |
    "In fact, Open Progress has done nothing but promote access to the polls in the upcoming special election by helping voters use the tools available on your website to determine their registration status, and encouraging them to submit new voter registration applications if necessary to update their address or re-activate their registration status" 

  • Is Voter Suppression Effort Underway In Alabama? |
    “These statements [by Sec. of State Merrill] are false and reckless, and risk causing more confusion than the Secretary of State’s office has already caused by placing hundreds of thousands of voters on inactive status"