About Opro by Open Progress:

Open Progress is a not-for-profit that was formed in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election. In 2017 our volunteers were active in more than 90 races and ballot initiatives across 17 states ranging from US Senate (AL) to County Coroner (PA). We’re going to have even more impact in 2018, with your help! Open Progress is staffed virtually with team members across the country, because it’s 2018.

We imagine a world where our leaders are honorable and authentic. Where government is beholden to regular people, not only to the super rich. We believe that every citizen’s voice should be heard, and counted. How do we get there? You. Being volunteer led and volunteer driven so that we can unlock the power of digital tactics like texting and social media for real engagement in the political process, not just yelling in our own echo chambers.


Position Summary:

Open Progress is seeking volunteers to help lead our amazing 2750+ pack of texting volunteers! You’ll assign texts for a specific campaign(s) in our Slack channel (our virtual office space), answer questions from those volunteers, and monitor who’s doing well plus who might need some extra help. You’ll shepherd the herd, basically for 2 or more hours at a time. We are open for texting from 9am to 9pm in our candidates’ local time, and we need more volunteer moderators! Give as many or as few hours as you can - day, night, and weekend shifts are available. These are remote positions that can be based anywhere in the continental U.S. Help us save democracy with in-depth conversations with voters, and candidates beholden to regular people not mega-donors! We’re going to crush the midterms in November!



  • You are 18 or older and have a passion for listening and connecting with voters across the political spectrum, even those who might not agree with you.

  • You may or may not be in school, pursuing a degree, or have a degree. It’s not required.

  • You have access to a reliable desktop or laptop computer. (Our system doesn’t work on a smartphone!)

  • You want to get involved, and need a very flexible schedule and the ability to give of your time from home or wherever you may be!

  • You want to build connections with other like-minded progressives around the US.

  • You’re into the idea of working and communicating remotely with your teammates using programs like Slack for chat.

  • You can work independently and are a natural problem solver but are also comfortable asking questions when you get stuck.  

  • You are determined; you don’t stop until you get the information you need, until your voter’s questions are answered, or until your volunteers have what they need to do their best work.

  • You believe in the power of conversation and connection to change hearts and minds.



  • Moderating our Slack channel (it’s our virtual campaign office), which includes helping our volunteer texters with questions, handing out texting assignments, and ensuring our texters are following our protocols for responding to voter questions.

  • Reviewing volunteers’ texting conversations for data collection and workflow accuracy (“Sweeping”).

  • Texting our fellow citizens on behalf of progressive candidates running in state Attorney General elections, Congressional candidates, and candidates running in other state or Federal elections.

  • Conducting desktop research on candidates, election processes and laws, including calling local board of elections offices to validate and verify polling locations as well as understanding of election processes and laws.

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