How Doers Do

Action, not distraction.


We don’t despair, we get busy. Say it however you will, but we value the small group of committed people who show up consistently and do the hard work of reaching people and getting them to act.



We ask a lot of ourselves and the people in our community. We support each other as we take on hard problems, recognizing that it can be uncomfortable to do things in new ways. We meet people where they are, and try to support them in their personal growth.  



We are thankful for the hard work and support of our community members. Although we recognize that this work isn’t for everyone, we are grateful for people trying to make the world better - and we commit to putting in the effort to meet all people where they are in their volunteering, in their activism, and in their engagement in politics.

Build capacity for others and share credit.


We’re excited to share the methods we’ve developed here about conversation, connection and changing hearts and minds with other progressive groups, and to learn from what works for others. We all share the same goals. Let’s also share the credit. It’s important to us that the people who do the work get the accolades and the criticism for their efforts. If you’re interested in our materials, just ask!

Be Honest and Hear Feedback.


We want to always respect one another by being truth tellers and both giving and receiving honesty. We try to be open to feedback and new ways of doing things, and ask that the members of our community always do the same.

Channel your inner Muppet.


The work that we’re doing is important and has serious consequences — people’s lives are on the line. But,  we’re human, and this is hard. When in doubt, channel your inner Muppet:)  Find that moment of silly, of happy, of generosity, and, yes, of grumpy patriotism (looking at YOU Sam the Eagle).  

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