for Founding Team of Open Progress, Opro and Knock! 

Position: Full-time • Location: Remote • Reports to: Founding team

To Apply: Send a resume along with a note about your story and why you would be a good fit for this position

 Open Progress is seeking a proactive problem solver to be the founders’ Chief of Staff. This person is logical, comfortable with ambiguity, hits the ground running and can wear lots of hats. A management consulting or product management background is a plus as it indicates the ability to prioritize, think globally and in a detailed manner. Background in Finance, Strategy, Operations and general business will be helpful. Fluency in Excel, Powerpoint or Keynote, Google Drive and other tech platforms and technology is essential as is a can-do attitude.



  • Support all aspects of Open Progress and its affiliates, Opro and Knock!

  • Coordinate and facilitate the objectives of key initiatives and projects

  • Help set strategic priorities, focusing founders on high impact areas

  • Serve as a gateway to the founders, prioritizing and delegating when necessary

  • Assist the founders in effective decision making and management

  • Assume day-to-day responsibilities for select projects

  • Initiate and maintain cross department partnerships

  • Prepare founders for meetings and follow up

  • Coordinate team communications, internally and externally when appropriate

  • Hire and manage key personnel including on-boarding and assessment

  • Creating and updating systems and processes for success including dashboards and key performance indicators


  • Is invested in and aligned with the Open Progress Mission

  • Has business experience, specifically in strategy, operations and finance and can move seamlessly between

  • Has outstanding communication skills

  • Is client-ready and can represent the founders

  • Comfortable with ambiguity and wears lots of hats

  • Is super-organized and pro-active - nothing falls through the cracks

  • Execution oriented - getting things done practically not theoretically and willing to get hands dirty

  • Learns fast without a high degree of instruction

  • Independent thinker willing to iterate and innovate own process and work for constant improvement, dedicated to productivity.

  • Ability to assess bottlenecks and barriers to success and provide practical solutions


About Open Progress:

Open Progress is a 501c(4) not-for-profit started to make the world more just by minimizing the influence of money in government and politics. Working in close partnership with volunteer groups, ballot initiatives, and issue campaigns, Open Progress enables modern ways of reaching people: on-point social media, human-to-human texting, and volunteer- to-opportunity matching. Applying pragmatic approaches means reducing the costs to build an engaged audience, and reduces the heavy dependence on raising money, resulting in digital coalitions that inspire people at the local and district level to act in real life.

About Opro:

Opro, LLC, is Open Progress’ political consulting arm. Spun out as its own firm to give us maximum flexibility, it is wholly owned by Open Progress and operates as a mission-driven, digital-first partner to Progressive candidates up and down the ballot.

About Knock!:

Knock!, LLC, is Open Progress’ proprietary person-to-person texting software.  Built in 2018 and spun out in 2019, Knock! makes possible richly-scripted interactions which can be easily overseen with high levels of quality control - and no loss of the key data needed to drive modern campaigns. All profits from Knock! go back to fund non-profit missions at Open Progress and the LLC partners, making it the only progressive technology platform in the space that exists to not only drive change but to fund it rather than profit from it.