Creating Conversations

Real People. Real Conversations.

When it comes to texting, we believe that real conversations are what change hearts and minds. By creating direct discussions, committing to finding the answers when you don’t have them, and listening, you are given permission to create real change. Plus, rich data collection allows for future gains because what you know now about that person isn’t left on the cutting room floor for next year, or the year after.

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1.8 Million Texts in 2017

Whether texting to register voters, educate citizens, or persuade voters, the all-volunteer Open Progress Text Troop can do it all, and with a level of quality and rich conversation that is second to none.

2017 was a busy year for us in collaboration with our partners. 750,000+ peer-to-peer texts in the 2017 VA House of Delegates races. 15,000+ peer-to-peer texts to push back on voter suppression laws in Alabama in November 2017.  Almost 333,000 peer-to-peer texts to the entire African-American voting population in Alabama to advocate for Doug Jones and his historic win. And, much more.

Our 2k Presidential-Scale Text Troop gives you the means to reach more people than knocking on doors or calling phones can accomplish alone. And, not only do you not sacrifice human connection, you actually create it.


Activating Voters One Text A Time

When it comes to voting in 2018, voting has gotten only more complicated. By creating a rich, detailed, and scripted flow, the power of texting allows for more voters to engage and make sure they are all set to vote - no matter how byzantine the state laws, no matter what party you belong to.

Open Progress believes that voting is a fundamental right for every citizen in the United States. When we all vote, true progress can begin to take place. With states enacting strict voter ID laws, limited voter registration periods, and the automatic “inactive” statuses that create roadblocks to voting on Election Day, a free and fair electorate is truly at risk in our nation. It’s time to outsmart all that and beat them at their own game.

Over 120,000 Voters Marked Inactive in Alabama in 2017

In 2017, we saw the real impact of voter suppression laws in Alabama and made it our mission to make sure voters marked inactive were made aware of their voter status in time for the December 2017 US Senate Special Election. Everyone in Alabama who wanted to needed to be able to make their voice heard at the polls.


How to Evaluate Your Texting Program

  1. Why are you texting?

  2. Who are you texting?

  3. How do you want to open the conversation?

  4. Do you have the volunteer capacity to do it all yourself?

  5. How will you train volunteers for difficult conversations and unknown answers?

  6. Who will be your on-call coach to help volunteers put their - and your - best foot forward?

What Opro Our Partners Say

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What Our Open Progress Partners Say

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— Claire C.